Stock optimization

  • The system can adjust the correct product range structure according to KPIs required (revenues, profits, etc.). The product range structure changes in favor of articles with the highest value added.
  • All articles are managed at each outlet based on actual sales at the particular location/outlet.
  • It works with demand fluctuations and supplier’s reliability by creating a reserve stock to cover forecast deviations and deviations in terms of meeting delivery date and the quantity of pieces supplied as opposed to those ordered.
  • Every day, the optimal reserve stock value changes/updates automatically as needed.
  • The decrease in the need for stock can be reinvested in extending the choice of products. This represents yet another benefit for the customer and an additional profit for you.
Stock optimization
A Stock
B Stock 30%
C Stock 50%

Stock optimization

The system can automatically identify the seasonal progress on the basis of which it adequately adjusts the ordering process over the course of the entire year. In the event of missing historical data for one of the articles or outlets/warehouses, the system can search for data from a different outlet or the relevant article group.

This also applies to recognizing trends where, for instance, the system gradually increases the orders on the basis of a growing trend.

The total revenues increase by virtue of the stock optimization
Stock optimization
  • Inventory value
  • Total revenues
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